The Full service package

W H Darby offer a wide range of services outwith our products, to extend the life of your products both visually and practcally; offer valuations, and making each product unique through engraving and personalisation. We also work with businesses on a white label basis, see below for more information.

bespoke design service

At W H Darby our customers service starts with your initial ideas and thoughts, and we keep referring back to these all the way through to manufacture; from concept to finished product. Our designer can draw up graphic designs to scale, so you are able to visualise your product before it is made. Not only this, but we are also able to offer you guidance on how best to use different manufacturing methods to achieve your desired result. We offer this service for both new projects and updating current items.


Here at WH Darby we offer many styles of engraving to complement our customer’s needs. We engrave past and current officer’s names onto slide bars for ribbons, short ribbons with top bars and presentation dates and names onto the reverse of jewels and medals alike. Our stock jewels and medals can also be engraved with your associations crest and or logo offering a more cost-effective option to dye struck and hand painted manufacturing methods. We also engrave onto trophies and salvers.

Block engraving

Double cut

Deep engraving

Block engraving

Hand engraving

Deep engraving for infill

There are various engraving methods we offer:

Machine Engraving uses our computer engraving system, allowing us to offer diamond tipped engraving (Shallow engraving) and milled engraving (deeper engraving). Alongside text, we can also produce engraved logos and crests for medals and jewels.

Hand engraving is the traditional method of fine engraving carried out by our master craftsmen using hand cutting tools. This style of engraving has been the preferred method on many of our prestigious awards, or work that requires intricacy.

Block engraving using sans or serifed fonts to engrave slide bars, small medals and the reverse of jewels and badges. Double cut engraving is a more decorative form of engraving for large centres, larger medals and jewels.

Deep engraving drills deeper into the surface for more clarity. Plated after engraving. We also offer engraving plus either a wax fill, to give colour and definition or an enamel fill which uses vitreous enamel (glass enamel) filled for colour, definition and longevity.

not sure which engraving method is right for your project? 

We are more than happy to help and advise you.


At W H Darby we offer a service that provides our customers with valuations to show the manufacturing costs should items be lost, stolen or damaged. Our valuations do not consider historical or sentimental value, but purely what the manufacturing costs would be if items needed to be replaced. This service is used quite often for insurance purposes, and we can come to your premises to evaluate all items, meaning items do not need to be transported. For further information and charges, please do contact us.

Refurbishment, Repairs & Replicas

Using the trades perfected by our craftsmen, we can offer a repair and refurbishment service that allows our customers to restore their items to their original state. This service is available on a variety of items such as jewels, car badges, chains of office, medals and more.

We are able to refurbish all elements of these items; enamel, hand paintings, plating, repairs etc. Contact us for a quotation.

decorative electroplating

W H Darby are proud to have an electroplating firm within our group our companies. Located less than a mile from our factory, C&E Plating was established in 1951 and has a wealth of experience in specialist gold and silver plating. We also have a team of in-house polishers who can produce a range of traditional bronze finishes, from our chocolate bronze finish to antique brass to antique copper. Our bronze finishes have been in production for many years and have been the finishing touch for many prestigious trophies, awards and celebration medals. Not only are we able to plate manufactured products, but we can plate your current items too.

Rose, 18ct and 24ct hard Gold and Gilt Plating
Silver, Chrome, Rhodium and Nickel Plating
Black Chrome and Black Silver Plating
Antique Copper, Silver, Bronze and BMA

White Label Services

W.H Darby is a trusted name amongst our customers as well as our friends in the trade. As such, we offer a white label service where we work with other high-end companies, such as jewelers, and complete work on behalf of their clients. Essentially, you can outsource work to us and present it in your name with confidence, knowing that our skills and expertise represents your brand.