Shields, Plaques and Scrolls

We manufacture a wide range of medals, badges and bespoke cases to go with them, choose from bespoke or stock and customise as you see fit.

plaques, shields & badges

plaques, shields & badges Our skills lie in the specialist production of individual designs incorporating flat painting, embossing, high relief resins and screen-printing. The results are the finest plaques, heraldic and family coats of arms shields, crests, car plaques and badges to be found in the market today.

The quantity ordered or the desired style determines the method of manufacture but whether it is one item you require or thousands, WH Darby are confident of providing the finest quality at the most competitive price.

bespoke heraldic artwork from your unique crest

Such is our reputation that our work can be seen adorning walls and cabinets throughout the armed forces, schools and universities and civic authorities to sports clubs, professional institutions and family homes. Just send us your crest, coat of arms or logo and we will happily put artwork together to show how your shield will look.

illuminated scrolls

Our illuminated scrolls are painted by one of our craftsmen who has exceptional skill in this area. The scrolls are painted onto vellum and are of the highest quality. Both scripture and pictures/crests can be painted.

How can we help?

We have several companies within the WH Darby umbrella providing a range of services both direct to customer and to industry. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll direct you to the right place, including: