Medals, badges and bespoke cases

We manufacture a wide range of medals, badges and bespoke cases to go with them, choose from bespoke or stock and customise as you see fit.

bespoke medals

Medals can be manufactured in hallmarked silver or gold for prestigious events or occasions. Non-precious medals can also be manufactured and plated in a variety of finishes such as gold plate, silver plate and bronze.

You can choose between collar medals and flat-backed medals. Collar medals have designs on both sides and a collared edging. The obverse of the medal tends to show the requested logo/design, and the reverse incorporates engraving required by the customer, an additional design, a standard wreath or can be left plain. Flat-back medals generally only have a design on the front but can be engraved on the reverse if required.

stock medals & cases

Medals are available in a range of styles. Stock Medals all have mirror polished backs, available in base metal, gilt and chrome, as well as precious metals; hallmarked silver, 9ct and 18ct gold. Both logos and text can be engraved onto the obverse and reverse.

We have a selection of stock cases that are handmade and used to house jewels and medals safely and securely. Handmade with a leatherette lined outer and a velvet lined inner, these cases allow your items to be stored and transported correctly, protecting them from damage.

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stock medals

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handmade stock cases

handmade bespoke cases

Our bespoke cases which can be made in any size you require. They are mainly leatherette lined but can also be real leather lined if required in a variety of colours and blocked inside and out with your own logo, crest and text. Our cases can also feature a fitted insert that allows the medal or jewel to fit comfortably in a recess taken from its outer shape. This is a superb way to present that special item.

bespoke badges

We offer a wide selection of bespoke badges, from name badges to president badges. They can come with a range of different fittings, styles and finishes. As always, please contact us if you require a free of charge quotation and artwork.

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