corporate products and awards

We have an extensive range of products that can be used for corporate and promotional items; from keyrings, to spoons, we can manufacture these items with your logo.

branded items

The same die can sometimes be used to make multiple items. These are illustrated in the central group of green enamel products in the photograph. This option works well when you wish to produce a variety of products.

We can create high quality personalised items such as:

Cufflinks – Paper Knives – Stick Pins – Tie Slides – Cufflinks – Tie Tacs – Key Rings – Buttons

This way of manufacture is a fantastic option for corporate or promotional items, or even a team or reward system, by using different coloured enamel or items to represent different groups/levels.

awards & recognition

At W H Darby we supply a vast range of awards and recognition items for that special event. 

If you have a specific award style in mind, please contact us to discuss your options.

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stock awards

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stock tankards

How can we help?

We have several companies within the WH Darby umbrella providing a range of services both direct to customer and to industry. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll direct you to the right place, including: