Civic Regalia, Badges, Chains of Office & Velvet collars

We manufacture a wide range of civic regalia. The jewels and badges can be manufactured for various council members, in different styles and in different materials.

bespoke jewels

From a Mayoral jewel to Honorary Freeman Badges, to councillor badges, we can accommodate all styles. We can create designs struck from a dye and vitreous enamel filled, or hand painted and the badges can designed to wear on the lapel or suspended from a bar or bar and ribbon. Alternatively, they can be worn around the neck, suspended from a chain of office, a ribbon, or a Spiga chain.

Our artwork and quotation service allows you to have different design options to choose from. The artwork designs will come with an itemised quotation so you can choose your product and have the exact price before you buy.

badges of office

Badges of Office are available in a range of styles. We have an extensive selection of stock backplates which can be adapted to show your crest/logo and the title you require. Alternatively, you can choose to design your badge entirely and have a bespoke jewel manufactured.

The jewels can be suspended from a neck ribbon that can be used with slide bars to show titles or predecessors. Alternatively, they can be suspended from a spiga or curb chain. Please contact us to have a quotation and artwork drawn up for you and your design.

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Large Stock Backplates

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small Stock Backplates

velvet collars

Velvet collars are a popular option to make a chain of office more comfortable to wear, and to help preserve a chain, and protect it from damage. Our collars are made by hand by our seamstress. They are made to measure each individual chain, whether it is a new one, or to be sewn onto your existing chain. Velvet collars are available in a variety of colours, as displayed below. Prices vary depending on the size of the chain, so please contact us for a quotation.

Chains of office

We have a wide selection of stock chain links, which is still growing. We can manufacture Chains of Office from these links, or we can design new ones to your specification, or manufacture a chain using a combination of both.

These Chains can be manufactured in silver- or gold-plated base metal, or in precious metals such as hallmarked silver and gold. Most chains consist of 28 – 32 links, but this does depend upon the size of the individual links. We have chain designs that come in both a small and large version, which is perfect for matching Mayor and Mayoress Chains of Office. These are the C70, C74 and C76.

As well as manufacturing new chains, we can also add matching links to your existing chain, or new links of a differing style. We can offer advice and services to retire old chains, or to lengthen, refurbish and enhance existing chains.

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Bespoke Chain Examples

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stock chains

How can we help?

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